Devotion to Practice

Education of Mind and Body Globally

Offering a Space for
Deep Healing and
Personal Growth

At Life Transition Meditation Center, we are dedicated to supporting individuals, especially our veterans, through significant life transitions. Our unique approach harnesses the power of somatic meditation, a practice developed from Ralph Steele's profound experiences as a Buddhist monastic. In-person and virtual classes, along with meditation retreats, are central to our mission, offering a space for deep healing and personal growth.

Somatic Meditation

Using somatic meditation, we help participants connect with their bodies in a profound way, facilitating a journey toward inner peace and resilience. Our model is specifically designed to aid those in transition, including veterans, in finding solace and strength within themselves.

A path through the woods with trees and grass

The Veterans Meditation Retreat

The Veterans Meditation Retreat project is at the heart of our non-profit cause. The camaraderie and connection felt by veterans, and the dedication of our volunteers who invested 2000 hours across fourteen months during the 2023 retreat made the launch of the first annual VMR retreat a success. This success has ignited our passion to host our second annual Veterans Meditation Retreat at the Clyde Hotel in Albuquerque, NM, from September 20-23, 2024. Participants will also meet weekly on Zoom for meditation sessions and check-ins.


Facilitating Personal Empowerment, and Cultivating Mindfulness for Those Who Have Bravely Served the Country Provided at NO COST TO VETERAN PARTICIPANTS.

How You Can Help

Support the Veterans Meditation Retreat Project by donating, and make a difference in the lives of those who have served. Your donations are vital in sustaining this important work. Connect with us to learn more.

A man sitting in front of two women.
Solace And Serenity
A stream running through the middle of a snowy forest.

this cold gray day

winter’s might silenced the creek

my thoughts the only noise


Sabine Schulze Steele


Healing and Growth
A tree with many branches and leaves on it

at the ancient

Ponderosa’s shrine

intoxicating vanilla


Sabine Schulze Steele

A blue flower with purple petals in the middle of it.

holy Datura
garden of flowers and weeds
who am I to judge


Sabine Schulze Steele