The International Conference of the Agent Orange/Dioxin Victims

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A trail in the woods with trees and blue sky

Fragile fabric of earthly life, each breath taken a generous gift.

--Sabine Schulze-Steele

A tree with many branches in the middle of it

Crooked old cottonwood, we're all hangin' by a thread, waiting to exhale.

--Sabine Schulze-Steele

A stream running through the middle of a forest.

Water seeks the ocean deep in the overgrown riverbanks. My mind was all tangled up.

--Sabine Schulze-Steele

A view of trees from the ground up.

In the woods, not quite out of the woods yet, nothing but bewilderment.

--Sabine Schulze-Steele

A tree with two branches and leaves on it

Silvery new leaves are awestruck. We watch your dance while we search for our rhythm.

--Sabine Schulze-Steele

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Buddhist Meditation: The Sunlun Way by Sunlun Shin Vinaya


  • Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery— A Buddhist community in the tradition of Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho & Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, located in northern California
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  • Amaravati Buddhist Monastery — located in England
  • Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society The center is dedicated to furthering the practice and integration of mindfulness in the lives of individuals, institutions, and society through a wide range of clinical, research, education, and outreach initiatives in the public and private sector. These initiatives include the renowned Stress Reduction Program - the oldest and largest academic medical center-based stress reduction program in the country.
  • Dhamma Talk: Ajahn Sumedho. Venerable Ajahn Sumedho was born in Seattle, Washington, USA in 1934. He left the States in 1964 and took bhikkhu ordination in the Thai Forest lineage of Ajahn Cha
    This site contains Dhamma talks in Theravada Buddhism, in which Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff) is a senior monk known for his skill in meditation and teaching.
    Audio tapes of Buddhist talks by : Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, Sylvia Boorstein, Stephen Levine and many others. A selection of Buddhist videos is also available.
    Heike Ohland is a psychotherapist and healer, with emphasis in trauma-therapy through EMDR; constellation work; energytherapy and systemic coaching. She has studied with meditation masters in Myanmar; and Chi-Gong masters. Her primary practice is in Germany and teaches retreats internationally.
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  • Alexandra Kennedy is an author, spiritual teacher, healer, licensed psychotherapist in Santa Cruz, Ca., addressing recovery from grief/bereavement & loss of a parent: books, tapes, workshops, and articles.
  • Barbara Powell is a veteran yoga teacher who teaches in Santa Fe and Mexico. She also conducts healing retreats for personal restoration, in a beautifully situated forest cabin just minutes from downtown Santa Fe, N.M..
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