Our Donors

We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for helping us to support our Veterans

Life Transition Meditation Center (LTMC) gives deep thanks to each of our generous donors.

The funds will go toward the Veterans Meditation Retreat! We truly appreciate your commitment to helping make this funded retreat a reality for United States Veterans.

With your donation, we are closer to providing veteran participants with a valuable connection to meditation practices to help support mental and physical health in community with fellow veterans. Participating in meditation retreats can improve the quality of life.

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DONORS IN ORDER (2023, our first VMR to Current)

Narayan Liebenson

Claudia Risner

Ellen Erhard

Mark Raterink & Leslie Tuchman

Jon & Alexandra Kennedy

Barbara Friedman

Carol Thomas

Bruce Smith & Caroline Wareham

Cohen-Dumani Family

David Hoptman

Debbee Maraglio-Lynn

Jim Oberlander

John Friedman

Krishna Das

Naomi Cohen

Shanda de Anda

Stacy McClendon

Vishu & Nancy Magee

David Caldwell

Joseph Goldstein

Lenz Foundation

Harvey Aronson

Jacqueline Mandell

Kathie Redmond

Margaret Cormier

Sharon Jackson

McCune Charitable Foundation

Anonymous Donor

John Trotter

Sukhasiddhi Foundation

Kathie Redmond

Judith Baird

Dr. Salisha Allard-Blaisdell

Marnie Rehn

Stephen Brown

Mirja Wuttke (Germany)

Scott Ziznewski

Jonas Skardis

Tanisha Medina

Maya Salganeck

Julie Tato

Barbara Hoggatt

Ronald Stoutamire

Mirja Wuttke

Sharon Jackson

Richard Maraglio

Edna Sena

Robert Keeler

Richard Pollen

Carole Brill

Steve Anderson

Patricia Johnston

Karen Waconda-Lewis

Turner Carroll Gallery

Richard & Cyntia Cohen-Dumani (Switzerland)

KUNM and Santa Fe Community Foundation